March 19, 2016:  We had the movie premier this night, my birthday night, at Delite Cafe on Caniff Street in Hamtramck, MI. !  :)  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and, by my count, we 26 folks total including:  George McVey, Matt Chomiak, Dustin, Louis McVey,  Miranda Hayward, Angela Wright, Lynda Lyshak, Christina Perna,  Aaron Trudgeon, Jim Mackey and Matt Feazell.
      After the movie, I brought everyone up and introduced/thanked them one by one.  The crowd seemed to enjoy Hiram's corny lines, the death scene in "A Day At The Beach", my speech in front of the casket for "Uncle Pete" and some of the dialog in "The Funeral."
      We also showed the trailers for "Amazing Cynicalman", "After The Blood Rush" and Aaron's "Deadboy" movie.  I gave out some fliers w/ the roles of Hiram and Melinda explained as well as some of my Barley Clown comics.  :)
     After the show, about half of us went back to my house for beer and snacks.  We also watched "Guy From Harlem" all the way through.  Everyone had a ball making fun of that movie and how all of the characters seemed to ad lib their lines, camera angles were off, Scotch whiskey kept factoring into discussions in the movie and all of the characters got handed 2 bucks by someone at some point!  :)

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